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3D Mesh Processing and Character Animation : With Examples Using OpenGL, OpenMesh and Assimp / Ramakrishnan Mukundan

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-81354-3

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Focusses specifically on topics that are important in three-dimensional modelling, surface design and real-time character animation. It provides an in-depth coverage of data structures and popular methods used in geometry processing, keyframe and inverse kinematics animations and shader based processing of mesh objects. It also introduces two powerful and versatile libraries, OpenMesh and Assimp, and demonstrates their usefulness through implementations of a wide range of algorithms in mesh processing and character animation respectively. This Textbook is written for students at an advanced undergraduate or postgraduate level who are interested in the study and development of graphics algorithms for three-dimensional mesh modeling and analysis, and animations of rigged character models.

Subject: Computer Graphics, Computer Modelling, 3D Mesh Processing, 3D Character Animation, OpenGL-4 Shader Programming Techniques, Surface Modelling, Mesh Tessellation,