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Introduction to Blender 3.0 : Learn Organic and Architectural Modeling, Lighting, Materials, Painting, Rendering, and Compositing with Blender / Gianpiero Moioli

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-7954-0

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Explains modeling, materials, lighting, painting, and more with Blender and other external tools. You will configure a 3D architectural environment and set up the workflow of an art and design project within Blender. You will use Blender's main tools—mesh modeling and sculpting—to create virtual objects and environments. And, you will explore building materials and light scenes, followed by drawing and virtual painting. Chapters cover rendering scenes and transforming them into 2D images or videos. You will learn to use Blender 3.0 for video editing as a compositor and video sequence editor (VSE or sequencer) with a wide range of effects available through the nodal system. You Will Learn Create objects and architectural buildings with different techniques of 3D modeling Master creating an environment for your objects and how to light them Determine how to create node materials and assign them to your Blender objects Pick up UV unwrapping and texture painting Get closer to painting and drawing in Blender Render your scenes and create stunning videos

Subject: Computer Graphics, Blender 3.0, Open source, Digital 3D modeling, Digital painting, Image and video editing, Gimp and Krita, Nodes, Art & Architectural design