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Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithms with Python : Solve Data Analytics and Machine Learing Problems on Edge Devices / Chanchal Chatterjee

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-8017-1

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Learn to use adaptive algorithms to solve real-world streaming data problems. This book covers a multitude of data processing challenges, ranging from the simple to the complex. At each step, you will gain insight into real-world use cases, find solutions, explore code used to solve these problems, and create new algorithms for your own use. You will: Apply adaptive algorithms to practical applications and examples / Understand the relevant data representation features and computational models for time-varying multi-dimensional data / Derive adaptive algorithms for mean, median, covariance, eigenvectors (PCA) and generalized eigenvectors with experiments on real data / Speed up your algorithms and put them to use on real-world stationary and non-stationary data / Master the applications of adaptive algorithms on critical edge device computation applications

Subject: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Adaptive machine learning, Principal component analysis, Adaptive estimation, Eigen-decomposition, Adaptive generalized eigen-decomposition, Linear discriminant analysis