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A Guide to Graph Algorithms / Ton Kloks, Prof. Mingyu Xiao

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-981-16-6350-5

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Offers high-quality content in the research area of graph algorithms and explores the latest developments in graph algorithmics. The reader will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use algorithms to explore graphs. It is a collection of texts that have proved to be trend setters and good examples of that. The book aims at providing the reader with a deep understanding of the structural properties of graphs that are useful for the design of efficient algorithms. These algorithms have applications in finite state machine modelling, social network theory, biology, and mathematics. The book contains many exercises, some up at present-day research-level. The exercises encourage the reader to discover new techniques by putting things in a clear perspective.

Subject: Design of algorithms, Analysis of Algorithms, Graph Theory, Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science, Graph Algebras, Treewidth, Graph Algorithms