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Formulating Poorly Water Soluble Drugs / Robert O. Williams III, Daniel A. Davis Jr., Dave A. Miller

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-88719-3

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A pharmaceutical scientist’s approach toward solubility enhancement of a poorly water-soluble molecule typically includes detailed characterization of the compound’s physiochemical properties, solid-state modifications, advanced formulation design, non-conventional process technologies, advanced analytical characterization, and specialized product performance analysis techniques. The scientist must also be aware of the unique regulatory considerations pertaining to the non-conventional approaches often utilized for poorly water-soluble drugs. One faced with the challenge of developing a drug product from a poorly soluble compound must possess at a minimum a working knowledge of each of the above mentioned facets and detailed knowledge of most. In light of the magnitude of the growing solubility problem to drug development, this is a significant burden especially when considering that knowledge in most of these areas is relatively new and continues to develop.

Subject: Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Medical Biochemistry, Bioavailability, Lipophilic, Solubility, Dissolution, Formulation development, Nanoparticle processes, Amorphous systems, Drug delivery, Route-specific challenges, Drug dosage design