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Finite Element Analysis for Building Assessment : Advanced Use and Practical Recommendations / Paulo B. Lourenço, Angelo Gaetani

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9781032228396

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Existing structures represent a heterogeneous category in the global built environment as often characterized by the presence of archaic materials, damage and disconnections, uncommon construction techniques and subsequent interventions throughout the building history. In this scenario, the common linear elastic analysis approach adopted for new buildings is incapable of an accurate estimation of structural capacity, leading to overconservative results, invasive structural strengthening, added intervention costs, excessive interference to building users and possible losses in terms of aesthetics or heritage values. For a rational and sustainable use of the resources, this book deals with advanced numerical simulations, adopting a practical approach to introduce the fundamentals of Finite Element Method, nonlinear solution procedures and constitutive material models.

Subject: Structural Engineering, Finite Element Method, Nonlinear Structural Analysis, Architectural Conservation, Building Conservation, Structure, Materials and Detailing, Advanced Numerical Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis