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Handbook on Tunnels and Underground Works ; Volume 1: Concept – Basic Principles of Design / Emilio Bilotta, Renato Casale, Claudio Giulio di Prisco, Salvatore Miliziano, Daniele Peila, Andrea Pigorini, Enrico Maria Pizzarotti

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9781032187723

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Provides a new, global, updated, thorough, clear and practical risk-based approach to tunnelling design and construction methods, and discusses detailed examples of solutions applied to relevant case histories. It provides the following features and benefits: updated vision on tunnelling design, tools, materials and construction balanced mix of theory, technology and applied experience different and harmonized points of view from academics, professionals and contractors easy consultation in the form of a handbook risk-oriented approach to tunnelling problems.

Subject: Tunnelling Engineering, Underground Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Mining Engineering, Geomechanics, Mineral & Petroleum Engineering