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Practical C++ Design : From Programming to Architecture / Adam B. Singer

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-7407-1

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Updated for the C++20 standard, this title will guide you through the design and implementation of an engaging case study that forms the backdrop for learning the art of applying design patterns and modern C++ techniques to create a high quality, robust application. Starting with a quick exploration of the requirements for building the application, you'll delve into selecting an appropriate architecture, eventually designing and implementing all of the necessary modules to meet the project’s requirements. By the conclusion of Practical C++ 20 Design, you'll have constructed a fully functioning calculator capable of building and executing on any platform that supports both Qt and C++20. Access to the complete source code will help speed your learning. You will: Read a specification document and translate it into a practical C++ design using some of the latest language features from C++20. Understand trade-offs in selecting between alternative design scenarios. Gain practical experience in applying design patterns to realistic development scenarios. Learn how to effectively use language elements of modern C++ to create a lasting design. Develop a complete C++ program from a blank canvas through to a fully functioning, cross platform application. Read, modify, and extend existing, high quality code. Learn the fundamentals of API design, including class, module, and plugin interfaces

Subject: Programming Language, Compilers and Interpreters, Programming Techniques, Software Engineering,