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Data Center Networking : Network Topologies and Traffic Management in Large-Scale Data Centers / Deke Guo

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-981-16-9368-7

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Provides a comprehensive reference in large data center networking. It first summarizes the developing trend of DCNs, and reports four novel DCNs, including a switch-centric DCN, a modular DCN, a wireless DCN, and a hybrid DCN. Furthermore another important factor in DCN targets at managing and optimizing the network activity at the level of transfers to aggregate correlated data flows and thus directly to lower down the network traffic resulting from such data transfers. In particular, the book reports the in-network aggregation of incast transfer, shuffle transfer, uncertain incast transfer, and the cooperative scheduling of uncertain multicast transfer.

Subject: Computer networks, Distributed computing Data centers, cloud computing, Interconnection network, Computer Communication Networks, Big Data, System Performance and Evaluation, Database Management