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Understand, Manage, and Measure Cyber Risk : Practical Solutions for Creating a Sustainable Cyber Program / Ryan Leirvik

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-7821-5

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Provides tools and methods in a straight-forward practical manner to guide the management of your cybersecurity program and helps practitioners pull cyber from a “technical” problem to a “business risk management” problem, equipping you with a simple approach to understand, manage, and measure cyber risk for your enterprise. You will learn: Educate the executives/board on what you are doing to reduce risk Communicate the value of cybersecurity programs and investments through insightful risk-informative metrics Know your key performance indicators (KPIs), key risk indicators (KRIs), and/or objectives and key results Prioritize appropriate resources through identifying program-related gaps Lay down the foundational components of a program based on real examples, including pitfalls to avoid

Subject: Data security, Information Security, IT Risk Management, Mobile and Network Security, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Cybersecurity Risk Management, Information Security Risk Management, Board level cyber measures, Cybersecurity program roadmap, Cyber Key Performance Indicators, KPI’s, Cyber Key Risk Indicators, Cyber Objectives and Key Results, Cyber C-Suite, Practical Cyber, Executive Cyber Measures, Cybersecurity Risk Framework