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Text Mining for Information Professionals : An Uncharted Territory / Manika Lamba, Margam Madhusudhan

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-85085-2

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Focuses on a basic theoretical framework dealing with the problems, solutions, and applications of text mining and its various facets in a very practical form of case studies, use cases, and stories. Contains 11 chapters with 14 case studies showing 8 different text mining and visualization approaches, and 17 stories. In addition, both a website and a Github account are also maintained for the book. They contain the code, data, and notebooks for the case studies; a summary of all the stories shared by the librarians/faculty; and hyperlinks to open an interactive virtual RStudio/Jupyter Notebook environment.

Subject: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Library Science, Computer and Information Systems Applications, Text Mining, Digital Libraries, Library Information Systems, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Data Science, Information Visualization, Information Science