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Embedded Robotics : From Mobile Robots to Autonomous Vehicles with Raspberry Pi and Arduino / Thomas Bräunl

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-981-16-0804-9

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Presents a unique examination of mobile robots and autonomous vehicles using embedded systems, from introductory to advanced level. It is structured in four parts, dealing with Embedded Systems (processors, sensors, actuators, control, multitasking and communication), Robot Hardware (driving and walking robots, autonomous boats and planes, as well as robot manipulators), Robot Software (localization, navigation, image processing and automotive systems), and Artificial Intelligence (neural networks, genetic algorithms and deep learning). The book is organized for ease of use, with numerous figures, photographs, and worked example programs. The book is written as a text for courses in computer science, computer engineering, IT, electronics engineering, and mechatronics, as well as a guide for robot hobbyists and researchers.

Subject: Artificial Intelligence, Control, Robotics, Automation, Embedded Systems, Sensors, Wireless Communication, Mapping, Image Processing, Neural Networks, Robot Soccer, Evolutionary Computing, Actuators