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Corporate Brand Design : Developing and Managing Brand Identity / Mohammad Mahdi Foroudi, Pantea Foroudi

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9780367515027

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Corporate Brand Design offers a unique and comprehensive exploration of the relationship between companies, their brand design and their stakeholders. The book begins its approach with a literature review, to provide an overview of current thinking on the subject and establish a theoretical framework. The following sections cover key stages during the corporate brand development process: brand signature design, its components and impact on brand reputation; website design and how it builds customer perception of the brand; corporate architecture design and the branding of space and place; brand experience design from a sensuality perspective. International case studies from a range of industries feature in each chapter to demonstrate how the theory translates to practice, alongside case questions to cement learning and definitions of the key constructs. By combining academic theory with practical case studies and examples, readers will gain a thorough understanding of the corporate brand design process and how it influences customer identification and loyalty to the brand. The book is a useful resource for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of strategic brand management, corporate brand design and visual identity, and marketing communications

Subject: Brand design, Corporate Brand Design, Brand Signature Management, Corporate Architecture Design, Branding Marketing, Consumer satisfaction, Marketing Management, Corporate Brand Website Design, Corporate brand Sensuality,