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Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings for Seismic Performance : Practical Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches / Mark Aschheim, Enrique Hernández-Montes, Dimitrios Vamvatsikos

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 9780367730550

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Presents an elegant, simple and theoretically coherent design framework. Required strength is determined on the basis of an estimated yield displacement and desired limits of system ductility and drift demands. A simple deterministic approach is presented along with its elaboration into a probabilistic treatment that allows for design to limit annual probabilities of failure. The design method allows the seismic force resisting system to be designed on the basis of elastic analysis results, while nonlinear analysis is used for performance verification. Detailing requirements of ACI 318 and Eurocode 8 are presented. Students will benefit from the coverage of seismology, structural dynamics, reinforced concrete, and capacity design approaches, which allows the book to be used as a foundation text in earthquake engineering.

Subject: Earthquake resistant design, Buildings, Reinforced concrete, Earthquake effects, Seismology, Dynamics of Linear Elastic SDOF Oscillators, Nonlinear Static (Pushover) Analysis, erformance-based Seismic Design, Earthquake-Resistant Structural Systems, Design Based on ACI 318, Eurocodes 2 and 8, Barbell Section Walls, Plan Torsion, Column Flexural Stiffness Model