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Soft Ground Tunnel Design / Benoit Jones

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9781482254679

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Teaches the principles of tunnel and underground space design in soft ground. ‘Soft ground’ refers to soil, in contrast to rock. The book focuses on stability, prediction of ground movements, and structural design of the lining. It shows that the choice of excavation and support methods depends on ground stability, limitation of damage to the existing built environment, and health, safety and environmental considerations. Readers will be able to: • understand the basis for choosing an underground construction method and/or ground improvement method • calculate heading stability • predict ground movements • understand the complex soil-structure interaction around an advancing tunnel • design tunnel linings in soft ground using a variety of methods • predict the effects of construction on the built environment and assess potential damage

Subject: Underground construction method, Ground movements prediction, Soil-structure interaction, Design tunnel linings, Soft ground, Eurocode 7, Global design, Lining materials, Segmental lining design, Sprayed concrete lining design, Building damage estimation,