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Hydraulic Engineering of Dams / Willi H. Hager, Anton J. Schleiss, Robert M. Boes, Michael Pfister

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 9780367645151

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Deals with the major hydraulic aspects of dam engineering considering recent developments in research and construction, namely overflow, conveyance and dissipations structures of spillways, river diversion facilities during construction, bottom and low-level outlets as well as intake structures. Furthermore, the book covers reservoir sedimentation, impulse waves and dambreak waves, which are relevant topics in view of sustainable and safe operation of reservoirs.

Subject: Dam engineering, Dam safety, Appurtenant structures of dams, Hydraulic engineering of dams, Frontal crest overflow, Spatial crest overflow, Side channel, Spillway chute, Dissipation structures, Ski jump and plunge pool, River diversion structures, Reservoir sedimentation, Impulse waves in reservoirs, Dam breach