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Geotechnics of Roads: Fundamentals / Bernardo Caicedo

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 9781138600577

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Presents stresses and strains in road structures, water and heat migration within and between layers of road materials, and the effects of water on the strength and stiffness of those materials. It includes a deep analysis of soil compaction, one of the most important issues in road construction. Compaction accounts for only a small proportion of a construction budget but its effects on the long-term performance of a road are decisive. In addition, the book describes methodologies for nondestructive road evaluation including analysis of continuous compaction control, a powerful technique for real-time quality control of road structures.

Subject: Geotechnical engineering, Stresses and strains in roads, Soil mechanics, Elasticity, Plane strain problems, Stress distribution, Anisotropy, Elastic limit, Road engineering, Elastodynamic solutions, Multilayer linear elastic system, Tire-road interaction, Compaction, Embankments, Mechanical behavior of road materials,