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Structural and Thermal Analyses of Deepwater Pipes / Chen An, Menglan Duan, Segen F. Estefen, Jian Su

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-53540-7

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Focuses on advanced methods for the structural and thermal analysis of deepwater pipelines and risers. It discusses the limit strength of sandwich pipes, including finite-element analysis using Python scripts, collapse of sandwich pipes with cementitious/polymer composites, buckle propagation of sandwich pipes, dynamic behavior of subsea pipes, flow-induced vibration of functionally graded pipes, two-phase flow-induced vibration of pipelines, vortex-induced vibration of free-spanning pipelines, and the thermal analysis of composites pipes with passive insulation, active heating, and phase change material layers. It also explores structural analysis using finite element analysis and the integral transform technique for fluid-structure interaction. Lastly, the use of lumped parameter formulations combined with finite differences for the thermal analysis of pipelines is examined.

Subject: Civil Engineering, Offshore Engineering, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Industrial and Production Engineering, Structural Materials, Deepwater Pipelines and Risers, Structural Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Flow Assurance, Sandwich Pipes, Limit Strength of Subsea Pipelines, Integral transform, Pipe conveying fluid, Ocean engineering, Subsea pipeline design, Subsea pipeline analysis