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Slopes and Excavations : Design and Calculation / Bernhard Wietek

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-658-35853-2

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Approaches the problems of slopes and excavations with technical knowledge and helps to better control the dangers and thus prevent damage to the population. Embankments as sloping earth surfaces occur everywhere. They are more or less worked by man, thus altering their natural state. Thus one should the effects of these changes and to be sure about the safety of the slopes. Only with this knowledge changes should be carried out in order to be able to assess their impact on people and the surrounding area. Excavation pits are being placed deeper and and closer to neighboring structures, and must therefore be handled by engineers.

Subject: Civil Engineering, Geoengineering, Solid Construction, Excavation pits, Embankments, Foundation engineering, Safety, Economic efficiency, Slopes