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Numerical Methods Using Java : For Data Science, Analysis, and Engineering / Haksun Li

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-6797-4

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Covers a wide range of topics, including chapters on linear algebra, root finding, curve fitting, differentiation and integration, solving differential equations, random numbers and simulation, a whole suite of unconstrained and constrained optimization algorithms, statistics, regression and time series analysis. The mathematical concepts behind the algorithms are clearly explained, with plenty of code examples and illustrations to help even beginners get started. You will: Program in Java using a high-performance numerical library Learn the mathematics for a wide range of numerical computing algorithms Convert ideas and equations into code Put together algorithms and classes to build your own engineering solution Build solvers for industrial optimization problems Do data analysis using basic and advanced statistics

Subject: Programming Languages, Big Data, Java programming, Computational algorithms, Data engineering, Data science, Software, Source, Code