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Payara Micro Revealed : Cloud-Native Application Development with Java / David R. Heffelfinger

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-8161-1

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Shows how to develop microservices using RESTful web services, followed by how to create microservice clients using MicroProfile and the REST client API. Dependency Injection via Jakarta Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) is also covered. Various approaches to application configuration are covered as well, including property files, environment variables, and system properties. You will learn to configure fault tolerance and high availability, generate system and custom application metrics, and generate health checks to automatically improve overall application health. You will know how to trace the flow of a request across service boundaries with OpenTracing. You will learn : Develop microservices using standard Java APIs / Implement cloud functionality such as request tracing and health checks / Deploy applications as thin archives and as uber archives / Configure applications via Maven and Gradle / Generate custom metrics for capacity planning and proactive discovery of issues / Implement features in support of high availability and fault tolerance / Secure your applications with Jason Web Tokens / Take advantage of Payara’s own cloud platform for easy deployment

Subject: Programming languages, Java, Payara, Jakarta EE, Java EE, MicroProfile, Microservices, Cloud Computing, Cloud Native Java, Maven, Gradle, REST, OpenTracing, Context and Dependency Injection, Jason Web Tokens, Cloud Native Applications with Jakarta EE, Java EE 8 Microservices, Building Modern Web Applications With Jakarta EE