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Pro iPhone Development with SwiftUI Design and Manage Top Quality Apps / Wallace Wang

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-7827-7

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This isn't your first time building a workable app for iOS platforms. Now, it's time to build a magical app for iOS platforms! Move beyond what you mastered in the best-selling Beginning iPhone Development with SwiftUI. Debug Swift code, use multi-threaded programming with Grand Central Dispatch, pass data between view controllers, and design apps functional in multiple languages. Not only will your apps run like magic under the hood but, with the new standard of SwiftUI, you'll add animations, scaling, multiscreen support, and so much more to your interfaces. You’ll also see how to integrate audio and video files in your apps, access the camera and send pictures to and from the Photos library, use location services to pinpoint your user's position on a map, and display web pages in-app. Don't just stop at flawless code and stickily engaging interfaces. Give your apps a mind with Apple’s advanced frameworks for machine learning, facial and text recognition, and augmented reality.

Subject: Software engineering, Mobile software, Apple and iOS, Swift, ios, iPhone, tvOS, watchOS, programming, Apple software, Software development, Core data, iCloud, Xcode, iPad programming, Sprite kit, Map kit, Core location