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Modern Parallel Programming with C++ and Assembly Language : X86 SIMD Development Using AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512 / Daniel Kusswurm

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-7918-2

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Understand the essential details about x86 SIMD architectures and instruction sets including AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512. / Master x86 SIMD data types, arithmetic instructions, and data management operations using both integer and floating-point operands. / Code performance-enhancing functions and algorithms that fully exploit the SIMD capabilities of a modern x86 processor. Employ C++ intrinsic functions and x86-64 assembly language code to carry out arithmetic calculations using common programming constructs including arrays, matrices, and user-defined data structures. Harness the x86 SIMD instruction sets to significantly accelerate the performance of computationally intense algorithms in applications such as machine learning, image processing, computer graphics, statistics, and matrix arithmetic. / Apply leading-edge coding strategies and techniques to optimally exploit the x86 SIMD instruction sets for maximum possible performance.

Subject: Programming Languages, C++, Computer Science, SIMD, x86, C++ Programming, Assembly language, Big data,