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Advance Concepts of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition : Effective Solution for Global Challenges / Narendra Kumar, Celia Shahnaz, Krishna Kumar, Mazin Abed Mohammed, Ram Shringar Raw

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-981-16-9324-3

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Explains the important concepts and principles of image processing to implement the algorithms and techniques to discover new problems and applications. It contains numerous fundamental and advanced image processing algorithms and pattern recognition techniques to illustrate the framework. It presents essential background theory, shape methods, texture about new methods, and techniques for image processing and pattern recognition. It maintains a good balance between a mathematical background and practical implementation. This book also contains the comparison table and images that are used to show the results of enhanced techniques. This book consists of novel concepts and hybrid methods for providing effective solutions for society. It also includes a detailed explanation of algorithms in various programming languages like MATLAB, Python, etc.

Subject: Computer Imaging, Computer Vision, Vision recognition, Pattern Recognition, Computer Graphics, Signal processing, Speech processing, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning, Data Science and Analytics, Cloud computing and imaging, Digital Image security, Image Compression, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure