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Improving Psychiatric Care for Older People

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 978-3-319-54813-5

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This book tells the story of Barbara Robb and her pressure group, Aid for the Elderly in Government Institutions (AEGIS). In 1965, Barbara visited 73-year-old Amy Gibbs in a dilapidated and overcrowded National Health Service psychiatric hospital back-ward. She was so appalled by the low standards that she set out to make improvements. Barbara’s book Sans Everything: A case to answer was publicly discredited by a complacent and self-righteous Ministry of Health. However, inspired by her work, staff in other hospitals ‘whistle-blew’ about events they witnessed, which corroborated her allegations. Barbara influenced government policy, to improve psychiatric care and health service complaints procedures, and to establish a hospitals' inspectorate and ombudsman.

Subject: History, psychogeriatric, elderly, older people, chronic illness, mental health, AEGIS, NHS, History of Britain and Ireland, Social History, History of Medicine, Gender Studies