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Spanish Economic Growth, 1850–2015

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 978-3-319-58042-5

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This text offers a comprehensive and nuanced view of the economic development of Spain since 1850. It provides a new set of historical GDP estimates for Spain from the demand and supply sides, and presents a reconstruction of production and expenditure series for the century prior to the introduction of modern national accounts. The author splices available national accounts sets over the period 1958–2015 through interpolation, as an alternative to conventional retropolation. The resulting national accounts series are linked to the historical estimates providing yearly series for GDP and its components since 1850.

Subject: Economics and Finance, GDP, Population economics, International economics, Labour productivity, Value, Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Income, Splicing GDP, Expenditure, Output Spain, Economic History, European Economics, Economic Growth, Development Economics, Labor Economics, Agricultural Economics