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Diversity and Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 978-981-10-4956-9

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is book facilitates an integrative understanding of the development, genetics and evolution of butterfly wing patterns. To develop a deep and realistic understanding of the diversity and evolution of butterfly wing patterns, it is essential and necessary to approach the problem from various kinds of key research fields such as “evo-devo,” “eco-devo,” ”developmental genetics,” “ecology and adaptation,” “food plants,” and “theoretical modeling.”

Subject: Biomedical and Life Sciences, Nymphalid groundplan, Open Access, Eyespots, Color patterns, Mimicry, Evolution, Genetics, Development, Ecology, Reaction-diffusion, Mathematical model, Animal Genetics and Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Mathematical and Computational, Biology, Developmental Biology, Entomology