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Practical Economics

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 978-3-319-45769-7

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In this book, Nika Gilauri reveals his formulas for government reform and economic recovery, including how to fight against corruption, reform fiscal policy and tax systems, privatize state-owned enterprises, build a welfare system for those most in need, create a competitive education and healthcare system, and streamline procurement. All formulas are corroborated by practical experience and empirical evidence gathered during Mr Gilauri's term as a cabinet member (2004-2009) and prime minister (2009-2012) of Georgia, and provide an in-depth view of what worked in the case of Georgia since 2003, and how lessons learned could be applied in other parts of the world.

Subject: Political Science and International Studies, Economic Recovery, Tax Reform, Austerity, Corruption, Post-Communist, Georgia, Comparative Politics, International Political Economy, Public Administration, Macroeconomics, Monetary, Economics, , Financial Economics, Economic Growth, Russian, Soviet, and East European History