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Knowledge Solutions

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 978-981-10-0983-9

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This book comprehensively covers topics in knowledge management and competence in strategy development, management techniques, collaboration mechanisms, knowledge sharing and learning, as well as knowledge capture and storage. Presented in accessible “chunks,” it includes more than 120 topics that are essential to high-performance organizations. The extensive use of quotes by respected experts juxtaposed with relevant research to counterpoint or lend weight to key concepts; “cheat sheets” that simplify access and reference to individual articles; as well as the grouping of many of these topics under recurrent themes make this book unique. In addition, it provides scalable tried-and-tested tools, method and approaches for improved organizational effectiveness.

Subject: Business and Management, Strategy Development, Collaboration Mechanisms, Knowledge Sharing and Learning, Knowledge Capture and Storage, Competencies, Management Techniques, Knowledge Management, Organization, Business Strategy, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Industrial and Organizational, Psychology