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The Indigenous Identity of the South Saami

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-05029-0

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is a novel contribution in two ways: It is a multi-disciplinary examination of the indigenous South Saami people in Fennoscandia, a social and cultural group that often is overlooked as it is a minority within the Saami minority. Based on both historical material such as archaeological evidence, 20th century newspapers, and postcard motives as well as current sources such as ongoing land-right trials and recent works of historiography, the articles highlight the culture and living conditions of this indigenous group, mapping the negotiations of different identities through the interaction of Saami and non-Saami people through the ages.

Subject: Social Sciences, Scandinavian, Linguistic Anthropology, Language Policy and Planning, Archaeology, indigenous populations, history of Fennoscandia, Saami minority rights, linguistic identity research, global indigenous history