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Culture History and Convergent Evolution

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-46126-3

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This volume brings together diverse contributions from leading archaeologists and paleoanthropologists, covering various spatial and temporal periods to distinguish convergent evolution from cultural transmission in order to see if we can discover ancient human populations. With a focus on lithic technology, analyzes ancient materials and cultures to systematically explore the theoretical and physical aspects of culture, convergence, and populations in human evolution and prehistory. will be of interest to academics, students and researchers in archaeology, paleoanthropology, genetics, and paleontology.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Cultural transmission, Population analysis, Convergent evolution, Primatology, Paleolithic, Pleistocene, Holocene, Genetic melting pot, Tool technologies, Archaeological taxonomies, historical geography, Paleontology, Archaeology, Historical Geography, Animal Systematics, Taxonomy, Biogeography, Anthropology