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Sceptical Doubt and Disbelief in Modern European Thought

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-55362-3

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This collection continues along a rich, fruitful path opened by Richard H. Popkin and pursued by many important scholars, like Gianni Paganini, John-Christian Laursen, and José Raimundo Maia Neto. It re-establishes that necessary dialogue between researchers of scepticism from all over the Americas, which began with Popkin, Oswaldo Porchat and Ezequiel de Olaso long ago. This insightful reflection on modern European scepticism will also serve as an important resource in the history of modern philosophy.

Subject: Religion and Philosophy, Pascal sceptical moi, Bacon on Idols, Augustine Academic Scepticism, Criterion Problem, Meslier on Montaigne Scepticism, Bayle Moral Rationalism, Bayle on Toleration, Teresic Political Empiricism, Hume on Atheism, Kant on Ancient Scepticism, Kant Critique of Hume, Post-Kantian Idealism, Hegel on Schulze Scepticism, Nietzsche on Values, Pure Pyrrhonism, History of Philosophy, Religious Studies, general, Social Sciences, general