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Handbook of Economic Sociology for the 21st Century

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-61619-9

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This handbook provides an overview on major developments that occurred in the field of economic sociology after its rebirth since the 1980s in the US. It offers new insights on the uniqueness of European economic sociology compared to US economic sociology which emerged at the end of the 20th century. The handbook presents economic sociology as a developing field which started with certain foundations as new economic sociology, widening the perspective by introducing social factors thereby focusing more on general belief systems, social forms of coordination and the relationships between society and the economy. It offers an outstanding portrait of the research field helping to identify major foundations and trajectories as well as new research perspectives for a globalized economic sociology.

Subject: Social Sciences, Classical Foundations of Economic Sociology, Social Factors and Economic Analysis, Theoretical Developments of Economic Sociology, Social Capital and Economy, Social Mechanisms, Conventions and Social Practices in the Economy, Economic Sociology in Europe, Social Structuration of Special Markets, Alternative Forms of Production, Economic Sustainability and Responsibility, Economic Crises and the Financial System, Societal Views on Economy, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology, Economic Theory, Quantitative Economics, Mathematical Methods, Political Theory, Sociological Theory