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Conducting Quantitative Research In Education

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-981-13-9132-3

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provides a clear and straightforward guide for all those seeking to conduct quantitative research in the field of education, using primary research data samples. While positioned as less powerful and somehow inferior, non-parametric tests can be very useful where the research can only be designed to accommodate data structure which is ordinal, or scale but violates a normality assumption, which is required for parametric tests. Non-parametric data are a staple of educational research, and as such, it is essential that educational researchers learn how to work with these data with confidence and rigour. 

Subject: Business and Management, Multivariate analysis, Educational research, SPSS, Simple Regression, Nominal Data, Early Education, Sampling, Ordinal Data, Altmetrics, Management Education, Big Data, Analytics, Statistics for Social Sciences, Humanities Law