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Games and Simulations in Teacher Education

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-44526-3

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Includes more than twenty computer games and simulations for use in teacher training.  Each of these simulations is innovative and presents an opportunity for pre-service teachers to have hands-on experience in an area of need prior to teaching in the classroom. Information on the simulation origins, including theoretical underpinnings, goals, characteristics, relevant research/program evaluation results, discussion of benefits and limitations as well as dissemination, recommended use, scope of practice, etc. of each game or simulation are included.  Pre-service and new teachers will gain a number of useful skills through completion of these simulations and higher education faculty and administrators will gain a plethora of research-based and effective training tools for use in their teacher training programs. 

Subject: Education, Teacher education, Educational technology, Computer simulations, Computer games, Higher education, New Media, Teacher Talk Game, TeachLivE, SimSchool, Best practices in special education Step In, Speak Up!, Parent-teacher communication, Curriculum design and instruction, Accomodating diverse learners, Best practices in special education, Assistive technology, Assessing teaching effectiveness, Facilitating team meetings, Mobile simulation apps, learning and instruction, Teaching and Teacher Education, Higher Education, Learning & Instruction