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Quality Work in Higher Education

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-41757-4

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addresses a wide variety of academic, administrative and leadership practices that are involved in quality work in higher education institutions. The chapters in examine core issues crucial in the design and content of study programs, such as modes of teaching, learning and curricula design, as well as institutional practices regarding assessment and quality enhancement. The introductory and concluding chapter present an overarching focus on quality work as a lens to analyse intentional activities within higher education institutions directed at how study programmes and courses are designed, governed, and operated.

Subject: Education, quality systems in higher education institutions, quality work at study programme level, digital technology in quality work, learning through inquiry, student-centered learning environments, study programme planning, study programme planning, analysis of program planning and realization, student participation in student-centered learning, teaching and learning in higher education, organization of higher education, ict in higher education, Leadership, Learning & Instruction, Curriculum Studies, Educational Policy and Politics