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Missions of Universities

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-41834-2

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provides an analysis of university missions over time and space. It starts out by presenting a governance framework focusing on the demands on universities set by regulators, market actors and scrutinizers. It examines organizational structures, population development, the fundamental tasks of universities, and internal governance structures. Next, offers a discussion of the idea and role of universities in society, exploring concepts such as autonomy and universality, and the university as a transformative institute. The next four chapters deal with the development of universities from medieval times, through the Renaissance, towards the research universities in the nineteenth century in Europe and the United States.

Subject: Education, medieval universities and empirical research, universities during the renaissance, Humboldtian university, modern US universities, global mrkets for universities, accountability, rationalization, multiversity, 'Mode 2' society, The Idea and Role of Universities in Society, Higher Education, History of Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Policy and Politics, International and Comparative