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The Role of Origin of Fame in Influencer Branding: A Comparative Analysis of German and Russian Consumers

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-658-27543-3

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Based on a comprehensive quantitative study, Julia Sinnig shows that the impact social media influencers have on brand-related outcomes depends on the identification of consumers with social media influencers. Additionally, the cultural characteristics of countries in which consumers live play a significant role as to how consumers’ identification with social media influencers impacts their purchase intentions for brands that are advertised by these influencers. Through these conceptually and empirically profound analyses, the author detects interesting implications for the management of brands in the context of social media and brand management. Especially when it comes to choosing the most suitable social media influencer for brand cooperations it is not the origin of fame that counts, but whether customers identify with the influencer in the right way.

Subject: Business and Management, Role of Origin of Fame, Influencer Branding, Comparative Analysis of German and Russian Consumers, Social media, Influencer, Celebrity, Instagram, Brand management, Marketing, Branding, Culture, Identification, Opinion leader, Online, Social Media Influencers, Effects of Social Media Influencers, Consumer Behavior, Cross-Cultural Management