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Sequence Analysis and Related Approaches

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-95420-2

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This open access book provides innovative methods and original applications of sequence analysis (SA) and related methods for analysing longitudinal data describing life trajectories such as professional careers, family paths, the succession of health statuses, or the time use. The applications as well as the methodological contributions proposed in this book pay special attention to the combined use of SA and other methods for longitudinal data such as event history analysis, Markov modelling, and sequence network. this book provides a wealth of information for social scientists interested in quantitative life course analysis, and all those working in sociology, demography, economics, health, psychology, social policy, and statistics.

Subject: Open Access, life course, longitudinal data, life, family and work trajectories, population dynamics, gendered occupational trajectories, Markov models, multistate models, network-based sequence analysis, dual-earner couples, survival analysis