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Designing Sustainable Energy for All

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-70223-0

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This open access book addresses the issue of diffusing sustainable energy access in low- and middle-income contexts.The book analyses, discusses and classifies the promising Sustainable Product-Service System (S.PSS) business models to deliver Distributed Renewable Energy systems in an effective, efficient and sustainable way. Its message is supported with cases studies and examples, discussing the economic, environmental and socioethical benefits as well as its limitations and barriers to its implementation. An innovative design approach is proposed and a set of design tools are supplied, enabling readers to create and develop Sustainable Product-Service System (S.PSS) solutions to deliver Distributed Renewable Energy systems.Practical applications of the book’s design approach and tools by companies and practitioners are discussed and the book will be of interest to readers in design, industry, govermanetal institution, NGOs as well as researchers.

Subject: Open Access, Design for Sustainability, Product-Service System, Distributed Energy, Renewable Energy, Business Models for DRE Systems, sustainability