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Handbook of Mathematical Geosciences

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-78999-6

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This Open Access handbook published at the IAMG's 50th anniversary, presents a compilation of invited path-breaking research contributions by award-winning geoscientists who have been instrumental in shaping the IAMG. It contains 45 chapters that are categorized broadly into five parts (i) theory, (ii) general applications, (iii) exploration and resource estimation, (iv) reviews, and (v) reminiscences covering related topics like mathematical geosciences, mathematical morphology, geostatistics, fractals and multifractals, spatial statistics, multipoint geostatistics, compositional data analysis, informatics, geocomputation, numerical methods, and chaos theory in the geosciences.

Subject: Open Access, Mathematical Geosciences handbook, Geoinformatics, Geocomputations, Geostatistics and Simulation, Geoprediction, IAMG anniversary, IAMG award winning geoscientists, fractals and mathematical geoscience