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Peer Review, Peer Education, and Modeling in the Practice of Clinical Ethics Consultation: The Zadeh Project

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-90955-4

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This open access book about the Zadeh Project demonstrates and explores a core question in clinical ethics: how can ethics consultants be accountable in the face of a robust plurality of ethical standpoints, especially those that underwrite practices and methods for doing ethics consultation as well as those viewpoints and values encountered in daily clinical ethics practice? Underscoring this question is the recognition that the field of clinical ethics consultation has arrived at a crucial point in its maturation.

Subject: Open Access, open access book, accountability ethics, clinical ethics consultant, clinical ethics consultation, clinically-oriented peer-review, institutional and ethical demand, medical ethics, peer review and peer learning, peer-review, peer-review in practice, practice of ethics consultation, professionalization of clinical ethics, reflection on clinical ethics, theoretical medicine