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Heterogeneity, High Performance Computing, Self-Organization and the Cloud

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-76038-4

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This open access book addresses the most recent developments in cloud computing such as HPC in the Cloud, heterogeneous cloud, self-organising and self-management, and discusses the business implications of cloud computing adoption. Establishing the need for a new architecture for cloud computing, it discusses a novel cloud management and delivery architecture based on the principles of self-organisation and self-management. This focus shifts the deployment and optimisation effort from the consumer to the software stack running on the cloud infrastructure. It also outlines validation challenges and introduces a novel generalised extensible simulation framework to illustrate the effectiveness, performance and scalability of self-organising and self-managing delivery models on hyperscale cloud infrastructures. It concludes with a number of potential use cases for self-organising, self-managing clouds and the impact on those businesses.

Subject: Open Access, architecture, application blueprints, self-management, self-organisation, resource management, supply chain, big data, PaaS, Saas, HPCaaS