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The Plant Stem

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-73524-5

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This unique and attractive open access textbook combines the beauty of macroscopic pictures of plant stems with the corresponding colorfully stained images of anatomical micro-structures. In contrast to most botanical textbooks, it presents all the stem characteristics as photographs and shows the microscopic reality. It includes a chapter devoted to simple anatomical preparation techniques, and further chapters showing the cell content, cell walls, meristematic tissues and stem structures of all major taxonomic units and morphological growth forms in various ecological and climatic regions from subarctic to equatorial latitudes, as well as structures of fossil, subfossil and technically altered wood.

Subject: Open Access, Plant stem construction, Plant cell contents, Plant cell walls, Plant meristems, Anatomy of pteridophyta, Stem evolution, Plant ecology, Wood degradation, Fossilization, Plant morphology, Anatomy ofseed plants