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Handbook of Life Course Health Development

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-47143-3

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This handbook synthesizes and analyzes the growing knowledge base on life course health development (LCHD) from the prenatal period through emerging adulthood, with implications for clinical practice and public health. It presents LCHD as an innovative field with a sound theoretical framework for understanding wellness and disease from a lifespan perspective, replacing previous medical, biopsychosocial, and early genomic models of health. Interdisciplinary chapters discuss major health concerns (diabetes, obesity), important less-studied conditions (hearing, kidney health), and large-scale issues (nutrition, adversity) from a lifespan viewpoint. In addition, chapters address methodological approaches and challenges by analyzing existing measures, studies, and surveys. The book concludes with the editors’ research agenda that proposes priorities for future LCHD research and its application to health care practice and health policy.

Subject: Open Access, ACEs and health development science, Adverse childhood experiences and health development science, Autism and health across the life course, Biological embedding and health outcomes, Chronic kidney disease across the life course, Community and heath development, Developmental origins of chronic illnesses, Diabetes and life course health, Family and health development, Fetal programming and health development, Health disparities across the lifespan, Hearing loss and health development, Life course health development science, MCH and health development science, Maternal and child health over the life course, Nutrition and health across the lifespan, Obesity and health, Oral health across, the life course Self-regulation and health, Spina Bifada across the life course