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YOUMARES 8 – Oceans Across Boundaries: Learning from each other

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-93284-2

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This open access book presents the proceedings volume of the YOUMARES 8 conference, which took place in Kiel, Germany, in September 2017, this book discusses highly topical fields of marine research and aims to act as a source of knowledge and inspiration for further reading and research.

Subject: Open Access, Tropical and subtropical oceans, Arctic and Subarctic oceans, Ocean optics, Ocean color remote sensing, Phytoplankton, Omics, Cephalopods, Marine Top Predators, Marine invasive species, Tropical aquatic ecosystems, Polar ecosystems, Ecosystems dynamics, Microplastics in aquatic habitats, Coastal ecosystem restoration, Early-career conference