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Deliberative Public Engagement with Science

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-78160-0

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This compact open access reference delves beyond popular concepts of educated consumers and an informed public by examining the science behind deliberative engagement. Using data from four longitudinal studies, the authors assess public engagement methods in deliberative discussions of ethical, legal, and social issues concerning innovations in nanotechnology. Coverage includes the theoretical origins of the studies, forms of engagement and variations used, and in-depth details on cognitive, affective, and social components that go into the critical thinking process and forming of opinions. Not only are the findings intriguing in and of themselves, but researchers from varied fields will also find them useful in pursuing their own projects.

Subject: Open Access, Deliberative Engagement with Science, Experimental Manipulations of Deliberative Engagement, Nanotechnology Public Policy Issues, education-oriented communications, experimental social science, science, technology, and society, innovation policy, cognitive-affective engagement, polarization of public attitudes