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Mathematics Teacher Education in the Andean Region and Paraguay

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-3-319-97544-3

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This Open Access book is an excellent synthesis of the initial and continuing preparation for Mathematics Teaching in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru, from which comparative analyses can be made that show similarities and differences, and highlight various perspectives. This book brings to the international Educational Community an important collection of experiences and ideas in the Mathematics Education of four Latin-American countries in the developing Andean region and Paraguay. The dissemination of these results can promote the search for international collaborative actions in a wider scale.

Subject: open access, CANP5 ICMI, Mathematics teacher education Bolivia, Mathematics teacher education Ecuador, Mathematics teacher education Paraguay, Mathematics teacher education Peru, Teacher preparation Andean region, Cultural differences mathematics education, CANP, ICMI, CDC-IMU reports on Teacher education, Issues of curriculum development in developing countries, Professional development of school teachers in Latin America