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The Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2019 : Agents Assemble – Block by Block to Victory

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-59299-8

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This book constitutes the 14th edition of the annual Multi-Agent Programming Contest, MAPC 2019, and presents its participants. The 2019 scenario and all its changes from previous competitions are described in the first contribution, together with a brief description and analysis of the five participating teams and a closer look at the matches. It is followed by a contribution from each team, introducing their methods and tools used to create their agent team and analyzing their performance and the contest.

Subject: computer science, agent systems, artificial intelligence, autonomous agents, communication channels (information theory), communication systems, computer networks, data communication systems, distributed computer systems, intelligent agents, internet, mobile agents, mobile computing, mobile telecommunication systems, multi-agent, multiagent system, network protocols, signal processing, software engineering