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Social Computing with Artificial Intelligence

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-981-15-7760-4

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This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the application of artificial intelligence in social computing, from fundamental data processing to advanced social network computing. To broaden readers’ understanding of the topics addressed, it includes extensive data and a large number of charts and references, covering theories, techniques and applications. It particularly focuses on data collection, data mining, artificial intelligence algorithms in social computing, and several key applications of social computing application, and also discusses network propagation mechanisms and dynamic analysis, which provide useful insights into how information is disseminated in online social networks. This book is intended for readers with a basic knowledge of advanced mathematics and computer science.

Subject: computer science, Social Computing, Online Social Networks, Social Networks Structure Analysis, Online Community Discovery, Online Users Information Analysis, Network Propagation Mechanism, Social Computing Application, Online Crowd Behavior, Deep Learning in Social Computing, Machine Learning in Social Computing